About Us

Cost-effective Digital Compliance for Financial Services

VigilantCS is an innovative producer of digital platforms that cost-effectively manage and monitor conduct risk and staff-level compliance. Our proprietary solutions transform a necessary function into a strategic advantage.

VigilantCS provides the basis for a common industry-wide platform to drive down compliance costs and to support industry best practices and benchmarks. Our solutions benefit all key constituencies responsible for ensuring staff regulatory requirements are met.


Our Core Solutions Team

Robert Kirwin
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
LLB, University of Windsor; MBA, York University

Rob has held executive and senior-level roles in legal and compliance capacities in securities commissions and investment companies in Ontario and British Columbia. He is a member of the IIAC FinTech Working Group and of the Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers (FMFD).


Geoffrey Pille
Chief Technology Officer, Co-Founder
BMath, University of Waterloo; MBA, McGill University

Geoff is a versatile and innovative technology-oriented senior executive with experience in IT, information security, privacy and risk management in several sectors, including financial services. His expertise includes FinTech/RegTech, Information Security/Privacy & IT Risk Management.


Jade Yu Han
Behavioural Scientist
M.Sc., business studies (HRM/OB Track), University of Amsterdam

Jade is a PhD candidate in management-organizational behaviour at Carleton University, Ottawa. A former associate senior section member for the China Banking Regulatory Commission, Jade developed the initial base to collect information for the VigilantCS behavioural and machine learning algorithm.


VigilantCS has partnered with:


VigilantCS – Select Achievements

  • Capstone:  Norman Paterson School of International Affairs capstone course on correlation between conduct risk and insider risk (April, 2023)
  • National Research Council (Innovation Research Assistance Program) insider risk algorithm for public security – March 2023)
  • NSERC – Seneca Insurance Co-Project to build business staff compliance requirements for life and health insurance industry – 2019
  • National Research Council (Innovation Research Assistance Program) – May 2018
  • Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Cybersecurity Fintech Innovation Pilot Program (CFIP) – March 2018


  • Deloitte – RegTech Universe Compliance – 2022
  • Best Regtech New comer 2020, Grant Thornton
  • Deloitte – RegTech Universe Compliance – 2019
  • Named Top 25 Up and Coming ICT Company by the Branham Group Inc. –July 2018
  • One of only three Canadian firms listed on RegTech 100 – February 2017
  • NCFA Fintech and Financing Conference – FFCON – April 2019
  • IIAC – FinTech Summit– June 2019
  • CRTA – Innovative Technology to Manage Conduct Risk– May 2019
  • IIAC FinTech Summit (Montreal) – October 2018
  • EY Wave Makers – September 2018
  • IIAC FinTech Summit – June 2018
  • Rotman Machine Learning Conference – May 2018
  • Canada Fintech Forum and Sibos (Montréal) – October 2017
  • OSC Fintech Advisory Committee – Feb. 2018–Feb. 2019
  • IIAC FinTech Working Group – June 2017
  • “A Digitized Staff Compliance Program is a Must-Have,” Rob Kirwin, NCFA Blockchain Fintech CONFIDENTIAL – July 2019
  • Get Added Value from Your Required Regulatory Compliance System, first VigilantCS whitepaper – September 2018
  • Comment letter to CSA re: Proposed National Systems Renewal Program Rule and Related Amendments – July 2019
  • Invest Ottawa Accelerator
  • Federation of Mutual Fund Dealers (FMFD) – Member, July 2019
  • L-Spark – Member, February 2017
  • MaRS – Member, June 2017
  • Ottawa, Canada, December 2016

VigilantCS® is a registered trademark in Canada.  VigilantCS is not available or marketed in the United States of America.