Launch of VCSOpen+ (Insurance)

VigilantCS is pleased to announce the launch of VCSOpen+ (Life and Health Insurance) Staff Compliance Platform, which will complement our existing VCSOpen+ (Securities) compliance platform. As a significant number of MFDA and IIROC securities advisors are also insurance licensed it will be critical that supervisors have access to an advisor’s complete regulatory file; whether insurance or securities to Know Your Advisors. This will become even more important due to:

– Client Focused Reform requires registrants to capture, assess and manage both corporate and individual conflicts of interest. Such conflicts will relate to their securities, insurance or outside business activities;

– Remote Work will require improved awareness of staff level activities through a dynamic digitized staff compliance file to ensure cross regulatory regime oversight. Such data and analytics will be important to improve staff supervision. ============ VigilantCS is a staff compliance platform which automates regulatory obligations and provides reporting and staff level risk assessments based on compliance and ethics reporting.